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create technology people love.

Short & Sweet.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Caus is an intentionally small team of product managers and designers, with 13+ years experience working with early stage companies and large corporations alike. Our team has produced over 80 products together, handling everything from product strategy to full scale redesigns for brands such as Proof (YC), Tesla, and Adobe.

We’re here to build products that people love to use. This sounds simple enough, and that’s just how we like it. Creatives at heart with strong values around transparency and consumer-focus; we are Caus. It’s nice to meet you.

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Our bread & butter.

Product Strategy —

Solid solutions come from seeing a problem clearly. This is our bread and butter.

We collaboratively define the idea by asking the right questions, identifying our core user, and outlining a product roadmap.

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User Experience —

It’s a shame for a good idea to be buried under bad design.

Product planning, user interviews, research, user flows, and wireframes ensure the value of the product effortlessly shines through a delightful user experience.

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Visual Design —

We create a strong visual language for your product - built in the context of a design system to scale well into the future.

Your product can be on trend, and able to evolve timelessly. We’re masters of this balance.

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Growth & Scale —

Shipping the product is step one. Once it’s out in the wild, the real learning begins.

We conduct user interviews, A/B test, and monitor growth to rapidly make adjustments that keep us on our toes in responding to user behaviour.

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Word on the Street.

"Working with Caus was fantastic. In addition to collaborating on our UX/UI design and strategy for key features, they helped to unify the experience across our platform. The quality of the final designs were matched only by outstanding communication, and a depth of product knowledge that goes far past design."

Dave Rogenmoser CEO, Proof (YC)

Our dream clients.

We see especially exciting opportunities to make an impact in these industries. Don’t see yourself on this list? Reach out anyway. You could be our next favourite type of project.

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You believe consumers come first.


Technology has already made education accessible to millions, and provided new ways of learning.

And that’s only a fraction of what can be done. Let’s keep moving.


The introduction of technology has done wonders for meditation, fitness, and mental illness.

How many more lives can we save together?

You value


Crypto, banking, investing - the future of our financial lives is fascinating to say the least, and changing quickly.

We’re passionate about strategically pushing these advancements forward as best we can.

You want to make an impact.